Library security

Public libraries embrace and promote equality, providing access to information and technology to all, regardless of income, class or background, and helping to  close the gap between rich and poor. The Delaware County District Library offers services and programs for people of all literacy levels, preschoolers, students, homebound citizens, prisoners, homeless or impoverished individuals, and persons with physical or learning disabilities.  We have a proud heritage of being open to all and serving the public without prejudice or judgment.

Being open to all, however, also means that anyone may visit the Library, and while DCDL works diligently to provide a safe environment for all visitors, it is as impossible for us to maintain total security as it is to maintain total security in a public park or, for that matter, any business open to the public.  Knowing that keeping the Library as safe as possible is important to you, we have security guards at the Delaware Branch every afternoon and evening, and Library staff are trained to react to any situation they deem threatening.  It is still critical, though, for you to be aware of your surroundings and to keep a cautious eye on your children while they are in the Library; young children should never be left alone in the Library.  They should always have an older sibling or adult with them for their security.

I do not wish to be an alarmist, but today’s world is greatly changed from the world in which many of us grew up.  I encourage you to be mindful of your safety, and especially the safety of your children, while in the Library, for your peace of mind and for ours.

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