Coffee Anyone?

Judging by the number of customers who expressed their disappointment to me when the coffee shop in the Delaware County District Library closed a few months ago, I understand how much people miss enjoying a hot cup of coffee while they are in the Library.  So, I am delighted to tell you that there is a new coffee shop now at the Delaware Branch—the Coffee, Tea and Energy Café.

The cafe has been open for a few weeks, and they owners, Jamie and Bill are excited about the response.  Specializing in different types and flavors of coffee, the Coffee, Tea and Energy Cafe also has a variety of teas, energy drinks, juices, hot chocolate, bottled water and pop for sale.  Jami and Bill have plans to expand the menu and are soliciting feedback from you to help them tailor the menu to what you want.

Opening a business such as the Coffee, Tea and Energy Café is a lifelong dream for Delaware residents Jami and Bill.  They are excited to be part of Delaware’s business community and especially to be part of the Library.  I think customers will be pleased with their friendliness as well as their delicious beverages.

Stop by the Coffee, Tea and Energy Cafe soon to meet Jami and Bill and to enjoy a great cup of coffee at a very reasonable price.  And remember, drinks with lids are permitted in the Library (except by the computers), so you can sip away while checking out the latest issue of your favorite magazine, reading a bestseller, or simply enjoying the ambiance of the Library.

And I know I speak for the Library staff when I say, “Welcome Jamie and Bill!  Fill ‘er up!”  (We’ve really, really missed having fresh brewed coffee and tea in the Library.)


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