DCDL Launches Adult Summer Reading Program

We’ve often been asked about it, and this year, the staff at the Delaware County District Library with the help of the Friends of DCDL have organized a Summer Reading Program just for adults.  The theme of the program is “One World, Many Stories,” and to enhance your reading experience, we are offering several programs and book discussions over the next few weeks.  Of course, we encourage you to read books from around the world, and we would love it if you check those books out of the Library, but READING is really the most important part of the program, so any book that you read or listen to will be accepted.  And we will reward you for reading this summer, too.

For every three books you read, you can choose a prize–a free water bottle, messenger bag or book light–and your name will be entered into a drawing to win $100 from Barnes and Noble at the end of the summer.  You can pick up a “Passport” at any Library location, including the newly opened Orange Branch at 7171 Gooding Boulevard, and use your passport to list the books you have read.  When you have read–or listened to–three books, return the entire Passport to the Library to claim your prize, and pick up another Passport to continue reading. Also listed on the Passport are the programs offered as part of the Summer Reading Program, including books discussions, Writer’s Groups, and Local History Nights.

You can register on line by visiting the Library’s web site at http://www.delawarelibrary.org and clicking on the Summer Reading Club button.  Once you have registered online, you can list the titles of the books you’ve read, write a review, track your progress, and read reviews from other Summer Reading Program participants.  You can also print a Passport from the Library’s web site.

Whether or not a vacation to a faraway and exotic place is in your future this summer, you can certainly travel anywhere you want by picking up a book.  If you need a suggestion for a great book to read, ask one of the librarians.  They are book lovers themselves and can always provide you with a wonderful recommendation.

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