Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Preferred Searches

As an avid reader, I have my favorite authors, subjects, and since I listen to books on my car CD player, I also have a list of favorite readers.  Working in at the Delaware County District Library, I am surrounded every day by books–new and old–and it is not unusual for several people to pop into my office every week with a suggestion or two for me.  It would seem that I would never run out of books to read, and in fact, I don’t.  But even being in the middle of all those books, it is still a challenge to keep track of new titles that my favorite authors are releasing, or new books on CD read by my favorite readers.

The Library offers a wonderful solution for people like me (and you!).  I no longer have to seek out the new books I want to read or listen to–the Library’s online catalog does that for me. It’s called “Preferred Searches,” and you can make use of this time-saving service whenever you search for a title, author or subject.

For example, Joy Fielding is one author I enjoy reading.  To add her to my “Preferred Searches,” I simply put her name into an author search on the Library’s online catalog.  When the results screen is displayed, there is a box at the top that says, “You may save this search.”  When I click on that box, “Joy Fielding” will be saved in my library card record as a “Preferred Search.”

Now, I receive an email from the Library whenever Joy Fielding releases a new book.  You can also set your account to send a text message if you prefer.

You can have up to 30 preferred searches in your account, so you won’t have to miss any new book or audio book by any of your favorite authors or readers. And you can also set up a preferred search for your favorite actors, too, and we’ll let you know when their latest movie is at the Library.

As always, if you have any questions about “Preferred Searches” or any other aspect of the Library’s online catalog or your account, please just ask one of the librarians.  We’re always glad to help you get the most out of your Library!

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