Too busy to visit? Try one of these time-saving services at the Library!

A visit to the Delaware County District Library would ideally be a long and leisurely experience, with ample time to browse the shelves, read a magazine, surf the Internet, have your kids play children’s area, let your teens play video games,  or simply find a welcoming, relaxing niche . As delightful and restful as that sounds, I fully recognize that sometimes you do not have the time for that ideal visit in today’s busy world. I am certain that you, like me, sometimes need ways to make your life easier and make getting things done faster and more efficient.

The Library has several time-saving opportunities to help you.  Did you know that the Library’s Orange Branch has a pickup window?  When you request an item, you can choose “Orange Drive Up Window” as your pick up location, and you can use the drive up quickly and easily to pick up the item when you’re notified it’s available.  You can also call ahead and ask us to pull specific titles or items, and, if they are on the shelves, we’ll have them waiting for you.

The Library has long had a cooperative relationship with Buehler’s, too, and they graciously accept books, DVDs and other items that need to be returned to us.  Feel free to drop off Library material during your next shopping trip, combining two errands into one.

At the Orange Branch, we have installed self-check-out computers and self-pickup of holds to save you time. These two popular services will soon be replicated in the Delaware County District Library’s other branches, too.

We want your visit to the Library to be a peaceful and calming experience, but when your time is limited, let the Library make your life a bit easier with these time-saving services.



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