When is orange “green?”

The residents of Delaware County are certainly finding the Delaware County District Library’s new Orange Branch!  Since it opened in May, the Orange Branch has registered an astounding 6700 new customers through June.  Thank you, Delaware, for your support and for embracing this new branch facility and all it has to offer.

Constructing a “green” building with low energy costs and sustainability was of primary importance to the Board of Trustees, and the building’s design and implementation respected and embraced their wishes.  Evidence of the “greenness” of the Orange Branch can be found inside and outside, and sometimes in surprising places.

The heating and cooling system within the building utilizes chilled beam technology, the windows have been treated with special coatings to minimize UV penetration, the position of the windows harvests daylight, and many furniture pieces are built from recycled materials, to name of few of the environmentally friendly aspects inside the branch.

Outside, there is an intricate system of pipes, basins and ponds to capture rainwater that is used to sustain the many indigenous plants, bushes and trees.   Rain chains were used instead of downspouts to help in directing and recycling rain and snow, too.

Another feature of the Orange Branch that is recommended by the US Green Building Council is the designation of parking spots for low emission and fuel efficient vehicles.  You have probably noticed these designated parking spots on most newly constructed buildings, including the new Columbus State Community College, our neighbor to the north.

Using your tax dollars wisely is always a primary concern to the Board, and the Orange Branch is a visible (and beautiful!) example of following through on their commitment to being good stewards of the funds you have entrusted to them.


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