Adding pleasure to your commute

No matter how far you have to go, unless you work from your home, you probably have a commute.  And even if you don’t have a commute, you undoubtedly travel in your car several times throughout the week–to go to work, school, shopping, visiting friends, or just to take a drive.  My commute to the Delaware County District Library is about a mile, less than 4 minutes, with 2 stop signs and a blinking light.  But in those 4 short minutes, I am always listening to a book!

The Library offers you many options for listening to a book.  You can check out a book on CD or cassette.  The Library owns nearly 9,000 books on cassette or CD, and you can check them out for 4 weeks.  I am currently listening to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand on 14 discs and I will need all of those 4 weeks to complete it.

The Library also has books in MP3 format.  Similar to a book on CD, an audio book in MP3 is usually contained on only one CD, eliminating the need to change discs, a task that can sometimes be distracting when driving.  Most cars built after 2007 can play the MP3 format in their CD player, and if you’re not sure, check one out to test it.

Have you ever checked out a Playaway?   Unlike CDs, cassettes or MP3’s , Playaways do not need a separate player–they comes preloaded and ready to use with high definition audio content in a container about the size of a credit card.  You can listen to a Playaway with earbuds, or by connecting it to your car’s stereo system with a small, inexpensive cable.  They are also great for runners and walkers because Playaways are so small and compact.

And don’t forget downloading an audio book.  You can log onto the library’s web site and click on “EBooks” to connect to the Ohio EBook Project to access thousands of audio books that can  be downloaded to your laptop, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, iPod, tablet, and soon, to your Nook.  Instructions and software are available at the Ohio EBook site, and of course, Library staff can always help you download to whatever device you have.

If you haven’t listened to a book, you should give it a try.  The narrators of audio books are accomplished actors, and the production is quite theatrical, not at all a monotone voice reading in a dull fashion.  Many books have multiple narrators reading as different characters, and occasionally, the author may read his or her own work.  Listening to a book while driving is my favorite way, but many folks listen to a book while working, doing chores around the house, or instead of watching TV.

Having a book to listen to when I’m traveling makes the trip much more enjoyable for me, and frankly, I look forward to having to drive longer distances, because I know that I will be entertained (and maybe even educated) along with way!

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