Introducing more accessible EBooks at DCDL!

Over the last few months, the number of eBooks that you have downloaded from the Delaware County District Library to iPads, iPhones, Nooks, Kindles, Droids, computers, and other devices has seen huge increases each month.  In December 2011, the number of downloads equaled more than 2000, a 240% increase from December 2010.  Overall, eBook downloads grew by 153+% in the last year.

A classic example of supply vs. demand, it was easy to see that the Library needed to supplement the number of eBooks that were available to our customers.  We have been a member of the Ohio EBook Project for several years, a statewide consortium that provides downloadable eBooks, audio books, music and movies for all Ohio residents who have library cards at participating libraries.  The Ohio EBook Project is a wonderful resource-sharing system, but the supply of eBooks is outstripping the demand for them.

To help alleviate this situation, the Library recently contracted with another eBook supplier, Axis 360, and we recently purchased nearly 600 titles that will only be available for DCDL customers. These titles are still listed in the Library’s catalog as “EBooks,” but the link that you click on to access the book is called “Blio EBook.”  Blio is the name of the reader that is a free download.

Blio books come in full color, and we have ordered dozens of travel books, how-to books, children’s books, as well as fiction.  They are easily checked out and can be downloaded for reading on multiple devices. As with any eBook, if you have any trouble downloading a Blio eBook, simply ask any of the librarians who are fully versed on nearly every device currently available.

EBooks continue to be in demand, and we are diligently working to increase their supply.  I think you will find Blio eBooks a nice addition to the thousands of eBooks available on the Ohio EBook Project.


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