Library + Buehler’s = Timed Saved!

Did you know that you can return your library books and audio books, and other materials to Buehler’s Fresh Foods Grocery Store, located at 800 E. Central Avenue in Delaware?  The Library has had a long standing relationship with Buehlers, and they graciously agreed to serve as a return location for us, adding convenience to your day.

Many of us have a myriad of errands to run on any given day, with the weekends oftentimes the most jam-packed with trips to several businesses, and if you’re like me, you want to minimize the number of trips you make and the amount of gas you use.  Whether you are doing your regular weekly grocery shopping or simply stopping by to get a gallon a milk and a loaf of bread, you can maximize your trip to Buehler’s by combining it with returning your Library books.

Of course, I would hope that your weekly errands include a visit to one of the Delaware County District Library’s locations, with time set aside to browse books and magazines, let your kids enjoy the toys, books, and puppets in the children’s departments, spend a few minutes surfing the Internet or reading the Gazette and Dispatch.  All of our locations are open on Saturdays, and the Delaware, Powell and Orange locations are also open on Sundays for your convenience.  But, we understand how precious your time can be on a busy day, so striking a cooperative agreement with Buehler’s seemed like a great solution to subtract a few minutes from your errand-filled day.

Please remember, however, that Library materials are not truly checked in until they are scanned at the Library.  If you have DVD’s that accumulate fines checked out, you may want to avoid those late charges by returning them directly to the Library.  Buehler’s staff is excellent about getting Library materials to us expeditiously, but not necessarily every day.


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