New Web Site Design

After several months of hard work by dedicated staff from the Delaware County District Library, I am delighted to introduce our newly designed and greatly improved web site.   We listened to what you were telling us about accessibility and ease of navigation, and we paid attention to your thoughts on what features you found most important, and we have incorporated your ideas into the new design.

The “carousel” in the middle of the front page is a dynamic feature and will change periodically to promote Library services and programs, Also prominently positioned is

a list of events, and by clicking on title of any event, you will learn more about its details.  The full calendar is available by clicking on “Events” at the top of the page.

We also learned that you wanted to be able to find a link to the Library’s catalog easily, so we have included it right at the top of the page.  You can also search the Library’s databases (Ohio Web Library) and the entire web site from this search box.

The “Adults,” “Teens,” and “Children'” buttons  will take you directly to pages specifically for the different age groups, and on these pages, as on all of the pages, the buttons on the left hand side of the page will help you navigate to even more information.

Links to the Library’s eBook sources and ways to support us are located on the bottom of the page, along with a widget that changes continuously to show you new books that have been recently added to the Library’s collection. If you click on the revolving book, you will find a much longer list of new books.

I hope you take some time to travel around our new web site.  It is loaded with information and features that will help you learn even more about DCDL.  Remember, however, that the web site is new, so if you find a link that is broken (I hope not!), please let us know and we will fix it right away.


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