E Books at DCDL

Did you know that the Delaware County District Library has several sources of eBooks available to you?  With the continued demand by library users for downloadable books, the Library has added additional databases to answer the demand.  You can find links to all of these eBook databases on  the  Library’s web site.

DCDL is a member of the Ohio eBook Project, a statewide consortium of shared audio and eBooks, movies and music.  With your DCDL card, you can “check out” an eBook for three weeks to be read on your Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPod, PC, laptop, or dozens of other eReaders.  A complete list of compatible devices is available on the Ohio eBook Project web site.  Currently, there are more than 31,000 books included in the Ohio eBook Project.

Blio Books are a specific format of ebook borrowed through Axis 360, an online collection of ebooks purchased by DCDL especially for our patrons.  The main difference between the Ohio eBook Project and Blio Books is the format.  Axis 360 ebooks come in a format that is readable only by the Blio software or the mobile Blio app.  You maydownload the free Blio software or app to your computer or tablet directly from the Axis 360 site.  Currently Blio Books are not compatible with Kindles or Nooks and require a personal computer or a compatible tablet, such as  an iPad.  Axis 360 is working with Amazon and Barnes and Noble to add that compatibility to the Blio software.

The SEO eBooks are also available to DCDL cardholders.  The source of these eBooks is another statewide consortium to which DCDL belong.

DCDL library card holders may download free ebooks from the Ohio eBook Project, the SEO Library Consortium, and Blio. You can find older, public domain titles at Project Gutenberg and LibriVox.  Note: If you have a library card from Columbus or another Franklin County library, you can use their Digital Media Collection too.

Of course, if you have any questions about downloading digital books, please ask any librarian.  We have many of the eReaders at the Library to demonstrate how to download a book, and all of us have been trained on all of them.  You can also find great step by step instructions on the Library’s web site.

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