Volunteer: To choose to act in recognition of a need,without concern for monetary profit, going beyond one’s basic obligations

For years, Delaware County residents have asked to volunteer at the Delaware County District Library, and dozens of people have donated time to help with special projects or activities.  We realized, however, that there was a need for an organized Library volunteer program, providing opportunities for folks who want to help the Library on an ongoing basis.

Nearly a year in development, the Library’s Volunteer Program is now making its debut.  Volunteer Supervisor Megan Cochran has created interesting and exciting opportunities for volunteers, such as Book EMT (repairing torn and damaged books, DVDs and audio books); Circulation Assistant (helping circulation staff at their busiest times); Eventurer (attending and assisting at Library events, parades and booths); Interior Decorator (helping to decorate the Library buildings for seasonal and special events); IT Project Assistant (working with the Library’s Information Technology staff to maintain computer equipment and software); Technology Coach (helping customers use hardware, software and other computer devices such as digital cameras, copiers, eReaders); Adopt-A-Shelf (care for “your” shelf in the Library by keeping items in order and in good repair); and Homework Helper (being available in the afternoons during the school year to help students of all ages write papers, do math, and so forth).  With all of these opportunities, there is surely one that will suit you to a T.

You can find out more about the Library’s inaugural volunteer program by calling Megan at 740-362-3861 or by checking the Library’s web site at http://www.delawarelibrary.org .

I invite you to learn, inspire and lead by becoming part of DCDL’s Volunteer Program.  I know you will find it rewarding, exciting, and a wonderful way for you to share your talents and skills with others in our community.


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